The King Albert Tower

The Spiegelwald, situated at an altitude of 728 m above sea level, is the most elevated location between Beierfeld, Bernsbach und Grünhain. From here, our visitors are provided with spectacular views of a large portion of the crest of the Ore Mountains. This unique panorama stretches from the Fichtelberg, over densely wooded mountain crests, through sleepy towns and villages snuggled in the valleys and stretching up to the mountain ranges of Vogtland. Towards the North, the view extends to the Rochlitz Mountains, and, with a little luck, to the skyline of Leipzig with its Monument to the Battle of the Nations.

Visitors can relish the spectacular sights from an observation tower, which is the only one in the Ore Mountains equipped with a wheelchair-accessible elevator. Those who feel fit and inclined, can climb the 180 steps to reach the observation platform located at a height of 31.5 metres. To date over 300,000 visitors from near and far have already been delighted by the panoramic scenery.

Come and visit us to enjoy the majestic view from the King Albert Tower.